Causes for Bacterial Vaginosis

It is known that the causes for bacterial vaginosis (BV) are due to an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria normalliy found in the female genital tract. However it is not quite understood why this balance occurs. In a healthy individual the female gential tract contains more good bacteria than bad. Bacterial vaginosis occurs when the bad bacteria start to outnumber the good. This imbalance is one of the causes for vaginal odor.
Normally a female genital tract will contain lactic acid producing healthy bactieria. This in turn makes the vaginal area slightly acidic, this stops the bad bacteria from taking hold and multiplying. If the vagina acidity is low this can allow the bad bacteria to start to grow. Having lower numbers of the good Lactobacilli can allow this to happen, leading to one of the causes for vaginal odor.
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A female of any age can develop the symptoms of vaginosis at some point in their life, but certain thing that can cause the natural balance of the bacterial flora in the vagina to get out of sync, increaing the risk of developing bacterial vaginosis. The possible causes of bacterial vagainosis are as follows

  • Bathing using water containing anteseptic liquids
  • New sex partners
  • Multiple sex partners
  • Using water or medicated solution to douch the vagina
  • Scented and perfumed soaps
  • Smoking
  • IUD contraceptive devices
  • Vaginal Deoderants
  • Using strong detergents to wash underwear .
  • vaginosis due to pregnancy

You cannot get bacterial vaginosis (BV) for casual contact with bedding, toilet seats, swimming, or by touch.
It however it must be noted some women to get bacterial vaginosis (BV) even though they do not have any sexual partners. In these women sometimes the cause for Bactierial vaginosis is unknown. It is sometimes put down to the insufficiencies in the womans immune system.
Also pregnancy vaginosis can occur, this is often due to the change of hormones that can occur during a pregnancy