Gardnerella Vaginosis : What is it?

Gardnerella Vaginosis is a bacterial infection of the vagina and female reproductive tract. It is caused by a type of bacteria called Gardnerella vaginalis. This type of bacterial vaginosis can be also known as , ‘gardnerella vaginitis’,'gardnerella vaginallis’ or ‘vaginal gardnerella’. The female genital tract contains good bacteria that keeps it healthy, however when its infected with Gardnerella, the good bacteria become overwhelmed by the bad Gardnerella vaginalis bacteria.

The Gardnerella bacteria is a type of anaerobic bacteria meaning that is does not require oxygen to grow and multiply, that is why it can colonise in the female reproductive/genital tract so easily. The Gardnerella vaginalis bacteria that causes Gardnerella Vaginosis was first highlighted in 1955 by 2 medics called Dukes and Gardner. That is were the name of the bacteria Gardnerella originates from.
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The infection produces a yellowy grey discharge with a characteristic fishy,musty, foul smell, as well as a unpleasant fishy odour emanating from the female genital tract. Washing the genital area with alkaline soaps can make the smell even worse. The amount of discharge from the vagina can tend vary. There tends not to be much irritation and itching felt by the woman in the genital area with this type of bacterial infection. The main distressing symptom to the individual is the smelly odour from the vagina and female genital tract.

The occurrence Gardnerella Vaginosis is most prominent in women who are sexual active and more mature in age. It is presumed that this vaginal infection is sexually transmitted, however it has been found in the genital tracts of non sexual women, however in these cases the women tend not to have any presenting symptoms . Excessive douching can cause an imbalance in the good criteria which in turn can allow the Gardnerella bacteria to get out of hand. Women with IUD contraceptive devices fitted can also be more prone to this vaginal infection.

These is a test for Gardnerella Vaginosis. This can normally access from you Physician or general practitioner. This test consists of a fluid sample being taken from the vagina and sent to a microbiology lab from testing.
Having this infection can lead to higher risks of contracting other STDS.
The are many cures for bacterial vaginosis, these can either be, doctor prescribed treatment, a natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis or homeopathic cures for bacterial vaginosis.
Doctors tend to prescribe an antibiotic to treat the vaginal infection. The antibiotic that tends to be used is 500mg does of oral metronidazole, given for 6 days. Medics also recommend that any sexual partners are also treated. Men can also get infected by Gardnerella Vaginosis

The best way to prevent reinfections are to

  • Use condoms. That includes for oral sex.
  • Not to douche, to prevent the removal of the good bacteria
  • Reduce the amount of Sexual partners
  • Complete any course of antibiotics prescribed even if you feel better after starting to take the antibiotics