Vaginosis Symptoms

Of all the possible vaginal infection BV is one of the most common female genital tract infections.
while BV is not itself considered a STD, but can be transmitted sexually. It is good for women to have an understanding of the implications of having BV. The common symptoms of vaginosis are quite easy to identify. If more that one of the symptoms are present then it could be vaginosis, however it should be noted that some STD have very similar symptoms of vaginosis

One main and most common symptoms is vaginal discharge. This vaginal discharge can normal vary in colour, but its usually grey or white in colour. The amount of discharge can vary from woman to woman,. Some experience a very thin light discharge while with other is can be very heavy and thick in consistency. usually, the discharge can get stuck to the vaginal wall which can be observed or felt in a extensive physical check-up of the genitals.
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Another common  symptom of BV is the foul vagina odour
emanating from the vagina as well as the discharge. This vaginal smell is characteristicly fishy . This vagina smell tends to get worse after sexual intercourses. This smell from the vagina can be very distressing and embarrassing to the women who is infected

Another common symptoms is a burning sensation that occurs during urination. The burning sensation can also be experienced on the outside of the vagina.

It must be noted that even though the above symptoms of vaginosis. vagina odour, vaginal discharge etc
are very common in most women with BV, in some woman there are no outward signs, or symptoms , and they have no idea that they might even have a vaginosis infections.